iPhone5 Gelaskin by Melanie Mikecz

iPhone5 Gelaskin

I’ve never been a fan of iPhone cases, or any cases in general. I don’t like upsetting the form factor that the designers worked so hard to create. And I’ve always thought that dents, cuts and marks add character. Unless you plan on reselling the thing at the end of whatever contract you’re on I just don’t see the point.

Having had my iPhone just this week replaced due to a faulty camera, the ‘character’ I had created was gone, and I thought with only one year left maybe I should protect the back so it looks better when I plan to sell it. So I bought a Gelaskin skin because it maintains that delicious design while adding a bit of artistic flair. The sticker quality is quite thick and it allowed me a few tries to align it properly so don’t worry if you have shaky hands.

iPhone5 Gelaskin (2)

The hardest decision was choosing which design as the site features art from Audrey Kawasaki, Nanami Cowdroy and Stella Im Hultberg to name a few. I settled on the understated abstract colors of Melanie Mikecz and I’m pretty happy.

From AUD$14.95 @ http://www.gelaskins.com
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05/04/2013 Merchandise