The Plain

Singapores cafe scene is a little bit of strange. It’s probably because it’s somewhat stifled by the constant drenching humidity so it’s hard to see the attraction of anything more than iced coffee when sitting down at any of Singapores growing western, or perhaps more true, Melbourne inspired cafes. Vincent Tangs cafe The Plain falls into that category seeing as though he lived in Melbourne and wanted to take that cafe culture back with him when he returned.

Inside possibly the most dissimulated shop fronts I’ve seen it serves all-day breakfast and delightfully simple lunch plates which reminded me of home more than any of Sydneys attempts. Is it worth mentioning that quintessential Australian items containing Vegemite or Pipsqueak cider are listed on the menu? Even though I was dying for a cold drink I felt overwhelming compelled to order a latte.

If you’re in need of a slice of home and in Singapore you’d have to come here, grab a magazine, sit at the communal table, order a coffee and shut out the concrete jungle around you.

The Plain is located at:

50 Craig Road, Tanjong Pagar
Singapore City, Singapore.
+65 6225 4387

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10/21/2012 Food