Pizza Slice Tokyo

My understanding of New York Style pizza comes exclusively from what I’ve watched on American sitcoms. Pizza sold by the slice rather than whole, with thin, oily, awful toppings and about as gourmet as a kebab after midnight. It’s simply not a thing where I’m from.

Pizza SLICE in Shibuya, Tokyo doesn’t aim to change that, but at least do it in a much better setting than the gutter in-front of the kebab truck.Pizze Slice Tokyo-2

Only open since November 2013 its goals are fairly simple. Simple dining and beer in a social environment where it can be shared between friends, evident in the large share tables and open floor. Staff are willing to have a conversation with you if you ask something interesting enough, my suggestion would be their opinion on the Godzilla Remake. It’s less than favorable.

Slices range from a reasonable ¥300 for a cheese slice to ¥600 for the slice of the day, which was Chorizo and Mozzarella when I visited. Beer is on tap and you can also get a coffee if you feel like being a real weirdo.

Pizza SLICE is located at:
1F Kamishin Building
1-3 Sarugakucho, Daikanyama (map)
Shibuya, Tokyo
+81 3 5428 5166

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06/11/2014 Food