Nex Yank

Nex Yank

I’m not totally unaccustomed to pretentiousness in Japan. I first experienced it at Supreme in Osaka in 2011 when the sales clerk responded to my inquiries with a pained expression reminiscent of when your high school teacher picked you to answer a question. It’s kind of everywhere in the bigger cities. Tune magazine is probably the most excellent example of this. But finding it in the, let’s be honest, country hub of Nagasaki is pretty disappointing.

Or maybe it’s just because I really wanted to like Nex Yank, Nagasaki’s newest kid on the block for it’s burgeoning youth culture. It ticks all the right boxes for a chill new wave cafe bar out of NYC.

Exposed brick, Check. Timber and Metal, Check. Designer lighting, Check. Vintage Mickey Cartoons projected onto the white wall, Check. Banksy books, Check. Clothing store in the back, Check. Large Blackboard with graphics, Check. DJ Decks, Check. Excellent food, Check.

Nex Yank (2)

But for all of it it still stinks of pretentiousness and to me that makes no sense in a city of only 400,000. You’d think you’d be over friendly to the highly judgemental ‘art’ crowd in an attempt to lure them back when they get so easily bored. As you can see here, I wasn’t offended or even treated with contempt at Nex Yank, but I was left disappointed and here I am voicing that. Perhaps this is more a dig at the type of crowd I’ve never liked (didn’t I just say I was part of it?). Those who don’t say hello or make eye contact with you because they are too beautiful.

How can you be like that when you live in this city?

Nex Yank Burger

With all that said this is by a wide margin the best burger I’ve had in Japan. I had the Avocado Burger that came in at a pricey ¥850. For an extra ¥100 you get fries and a drink set at lunch but don’t come in at 5:01 like I did and ask because they’ll tell you no. I’m not complaining too much but when the customer then doesn’t order a drink, you’d think you would break the rules for a little extra yen.

Perhaps I’m being over critical. I was here on opening night and made some new friends but those who obviously were the ‘In’ crowd there that night looked down on everyone who wasn’t and that’s just not on.

Or I’m just spoiled in the people I’ve met running these type of establishments in the past and Nex Yank is still finding its feet.

Nex Yank is located at:
Hayashida Building
1-21 Yorozuya Street
Nagasaki, Japan.
+81 95 893 8102

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