Megane Coffee

Megane Coffee

Nestled comfortably beside a Sushi Knife shop and a Golf supply store on a side street off  Nagasaki’s main arcade is a small cafe called Megane Coffee. So called perhaps because of its proximity to Nagasaki’s famous Meganebashi, Spectacles Bridge, OR because of owner Kenji’s perfectly circular glasses which match the famous bridge.

Megane Coffee (2)

The witty and clever nature of Kenji isn’t isolated to just the name of his unique cafe but also in his delightful kitchen and dining area. A small gas top cooker is used to boil his water and prepare his coffee. This is a small operation designed to make the most of what he has and it does so perfectly.

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The Iced Cafe Au Latte is an ideal refresher on Japans humid summers and the lattes he makes is as good as anything you’d find in the west. But, no large lunches or hearty breakfasts. Understandably so given the small space, but there are a range of cakes and sweets that he pulls from behind his counter.

The clientele  here is ridiculously friendly given the intimate nature of the space and I’ve been engaged in conversation almost every time I’ve stopped by. I’m glad he opened up 3 months ago and gave Nagasakians a great, cute cafe.

Megane Coffee is located at:
2-3 Yorozuyamachi,
Nagasaki, Japan
+81 9 5821-0124

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    You’ve just made me want to rush back to Nagasaki. xx

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