IL Vento

Designed by German Tobias Rehberger in 2010, Il Vento is one hell of a strange dining experience in Japan. Your expectation of Japanese dining is thrown into disarray by this lonely restaurant on an island that takes an hour to travel too by Ferry. When I went to Teshima was essentially deserted which made all this even stranger. The restaurant also goes by the title ‘Was du liebst, bringt dich auch zum weinen’… which if you don’t speak German, you’re gonna be screwed to pronounce. Il Vento was obviously an exotic and easier name to pronounce.

Il Vento is part restaurant, part art installation and part architectural brilliance. An aspect of it was part of a concentrated effort born from a industrial disaster in the area in the 80s to encourage encounters of beauty in the Seto Inland Sea. It’s worked. The islands in the sea are a mini Mecca for architecture and art fiends across the planet. Il Vento also serves as a focus for how to make the most out of renovations on vacant houses which is increasing in rural Japan due to depopulation.

It’s a renovated two-story home completely covered from floor to ceiling with stripes, polka dots and camouflage patterns. I couldn’t imagine how fucked you’d be walking around this place on acid because most of the time you’re not sure of your surroundings.

Oh right, it does have food, although it is typically Japanese small. The lunch set is ¥1000 and includes the entry charge for the building or you can enter without it for ¥300. For a restaurant that is one of a kind its totally worth it.

For an added bonus the staff of Il Vento are housed in a wonderfully renovated dormitory a short walk from the restaurant. See more details here

Il Vento is located at:

2309 Teshima-Ieura
Tonosho Shozu-Gun
Kagawa, Japan.
+81 8 7968 3177

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10/27/2012 Food