D&Department Dining Osaka

D&Department Osaka

The words that came out of my brothers mouth when we walked onto the third floor of D&D Department Dining in Osaka pretty much sum up how I feel about it.

‘Oh shut up.’

A wave of sophistication hits you the second you catch sight of the ambient lighting, black leather sofas and stark white walls. That sophistication though is completely disconnected from the price tag of the items on the menu. It is a perfect example of contemporary dining in a comfortable and affordable enviroment.


History on D&Department is scarce to find in English. It was started in 2000 by designer Kenmei Nagaoka as a homewares and furniture store focusing on the ethos of ‘Life Long Design’. Sometime in 2009, Kenmei expanded the brand into a Japan exclusive travel magazine that is going to document smart design and travel ideas for Japans 47 prefectures.

D&Dining Osaka, the shortened and official name of the restaurant on the third floor of the home-wares shop is one of three such eateries in Japan, the others being in Tokyo and most recently Fukuoka.


I’ve spent hours in D&Department ordering just a latte (¥500) and enjoying the atmosphere. Dinner takes it to another level and the Daily Special Pasta (¥1000), a glass of red (¥500) an the company of my delighted brother on his first trip to Japan delivered one of my favourite meals in Japan.

D&Department Dining is located at:
2 Chome-9-14 Minamihorie, Nishi-ward (map)
Osaka, Japan
+81 06 4391 2090

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