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Curry Up Tokyo

I might not be the only person who think’s that Nigo’s foray into dining with Curry Up in Jingumae may be a stretch from his street wear label days but hey, at least you can’t counterfeit a meal like you can a Baby Milo Hoodie. Maybe Nigo finally had enough and thought there’s money to be had in Curry. Whatever it is, it’s a fashion icons new venture and I’ve had weaker premises to visit a restaurant.

Curry Up Tokyo(2)

Curry Up is a strangely understated offering from the Japanese fashion icon and given his new(ish) label Human Made isn’t that too far away, it’s even stranger when any passerby would chalk this up as just another Indian Curry shop that just got lucky with a newish building and shopfront that was for rent. It doesn’t scream, shout or even demand you  come in. It’s serving curry. Come and get it.

Clientele is a slather of bucket hat wearing Japanese, Bape fanboys and quiet diners. Shop fit out is greys and monochrome with just enough wood panelling.

I took the Combination Curry (¥1000) with Butter Chicken and Spicy Beef Curry. It had a bit of a kick to help it on its way down but it was more mild than I was expecting. I’d recommend kicking it up a notch by ordering one of the higher chilli rated Curries.

Curry Up is located at:
2-35-9-105 Jingumae, Shibuya-Ku
Tokyo, Japan (map)
+81 3 5775-5446

Open: Everyday

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07/13/2015 Food