Common Galaxia

I’m going to insist that Seddon’s Common Galaxia not be a one off in the emerging growth area of the Western Suburbs. Designed by Luke Mutton of Sunkland Project the fit out does a solid job of commanding more savoriness than the food itself. The architect states that he was inspired by the wooden cafe aesthetic of Japanese & Scandinavian architecture along with the futuristic integration of Bauhaus design. Let’s just say Walter Gropius would be pleased with the result.

Looking back at my meal there I seem to remember the design more than anything else. I just get all giddy when I see clean concrete, timber and straight lines.

And that’s not to say that the meal was forgettable. Far from it actually. The varied selection of baked eggs on their breakfast menu threw up different selections from R and I, with added bacon of course.

Coffee and Tea were good, as you’d expect from the owners of Dead Man Espresso. Coffee’s provided by Seven Seeds and Market Lane and brewed very confidently by the friendly Barista.

Common Galaxia is located at:

Shop 3/130 Victoria Street, Seddon.
Melbourne, Australia.
(03) 9689 0309

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10/16/2012 Food