Camden’s Blue Star Donuts

Camdens Blue Star Donuts (3)

♫ Hello Donuts, my old friend ♫

Meg is looking at me weird again with half a Blueberry Bourbon Donut in her hands.

‘What?’ I say with the other half of it smeared across my face. I guess she just doesn’t get the cultural aspects of Simon & Garfunkel mixed with my addiction to Donuts. In a way, Camden’s Blue Star Donuts in Daikanyama, Tokyo feels like a similar case study.

When something new, on trend and hyped arrives in Tokyo you can guarantee there’ll be lines for weeks and weeks. Taco Bell recently opened and saw a 7 hour wait.

SEVEN HOURS? I’ve never even had Taco Bell so I’ll leave it up to those more accustomed to it to comment on its questionable contents but it gives you some idea how easily things get over hyped. It’s Taco Bell for gods sake.

Camdens Blue Star Donuts

But why am I talking about Taco Bell in a Donut shop Review?

Camden’s Blue Star Donuts is originally from Japan’s current obsession, Portland and now finds itself nestled in the architecturally interesting Log Road in Daikanyama. The interior palette is an always pleasant white and blue and clientele of mostly trendy types and couples with dogs instead of kids trickles through as Meg and I comment on how their dogs are giving their owners a walk.

Camdens Blue Star Donuts (2)

And here I go again by saying that Camden’s Blue Star Donuts aren’t bad Donuts. In fact, that Maple Bacon Donut (¥380) up there was one of the best donuts I’ve had. This is just me once again, as I so often do to the disdain to my friends, comment on cultural differences in Japan that no one but me cares about.

Camden’s Blue Star Donuts founder Micah Camden alluded to it in this recent interview about starting a business in Japan. Everything has to be done bigger and better to get any attention. Camden’s is selling its culture here… not so much it’s donuts. Haritts Donuts in Yoyogi is a fine, wonderful example of a donut shop in Tokyo that doesn’t constantly have a 30 person line out of the front clambering to say they’ve had those donuts.

Yes, I’m aware I fall into this.

But Haritts Donuts is so uniquely Japanese and not a cultural commodity like Camden’s is in Tokyo. It’s kind of weird to support the idea of cool and culture being a commodity. But here’s the thing. I didn’t think about any of this while I was at Camden’s Blue Star Donuts.

All I thought was…

♫ Bacon Donuts, eating Bacon Donuts, Bacon Donuts that’s what I’m gonna eat. ♫

Camden’s Blue Star Donuts is located at:
Log Road Daikanyama #2
13-1 Daiknyama, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo, Japan
+81 3 3464 3961

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