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Concrete. Timber. Glass. I think that’s all is needed to preface the visual appeal of Bread A Espresso in Nagasaki. It’s an indictment on myself that it took me 11 months to discover this covert bakery and coffee shop in the backstreet’s of this town.

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Occupying what appears to be an abandoned house it would be easy to not even know this place could be the finest bakery and coffee shop on Kyushu. The owner has obviously taken design cues from my home town Melbourne and a short chat with her informed of such. She took inspiration from her time there and translated it into a beautiful minimal bakery.

Bread A Espresso

What we take for granted in Australia is that a lot of small deli’s, cafes and bakeries also have an espresso machine for our feverish coffee fixes but this isn’t habitual in Japan. Most perishable stores specialise heavily in one particular product, finely perfecting that one item and being known for being good at it. It may seem silly but its rare to see a place such as this.

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And that’s not to say Bread A Espresso compromises that perfection, in fact it compliments it utterly. Coffee (Latte; ¥350) is brewed with a western taste in mind as opposed to the typical milky preference and bread (Starting from;  ¥120) is baked on a wood fired oven and is about as perfect as bread can be. Bread sells out consistently by 3pm… hardly surprisingly.

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This has now become my new favourite place in Nagasaki. It seems somewhat strange that a place with such a cold appearance can give off such warmth from offering hot bread and rich coffee but it really is one I enjoy warming up from. Do check it out if you are in town.

Coffee A Espresso is located at:
6-3 Gotomachi
Nagasaki, Japan
+81 95 823 6078

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    I love it that I know where Gotomachi is.

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