Boulangerie Takeuchi (Now Closed)

If a bakery needs a security guard out the front you know they’ve been doing something right.

Started 11 years ago by chef Hisanori Takeuchi, Boulangerie Takeuchi is a distinct patisserie in the sea that is Japanese bakeries. Such is a testament that there is a never ending line from 8am to sell out of customers who are desperate to try their favorite again or experiment with the over 200 different varieties of bread.

With all that it would make sense if a Oceans Eleven style robbery was planned and that’s why a security guard was employed.

Oh right, photos are not allowed inside to further add to my robbery conspiracy.

In conflict with its reputation and the nature of Japanese businesses it surprised me how small it was. From what I know, Takeuchi has turned down numerous attempts to expand with more stores in Kansai but when you find out that most of the bakers inside are unpaid interns desperate for experience and with high aspirations you realise the reputation that Boulangerie Takeuchi as the best bakery in Osaka, and probably Japan, is well deserved. The joint is the pinnacle of Japanese bakeries and the owner wants to be known for that.

I couldn’t make sense of the baking schedule, which offers 3 different ranges throughout the day, so I just picked whatever looked good. By sheer luck I found out that I did pick up the star attraction of Boulangerie Takeuchi, the custard buns. Takeuchi spent AUD$115,000 on unique molds for them and has created over 10 different varieties  none of which he wants to remove because each have their unique fans who come specially for it.

Across from Boulangerie Takeuchi is Utsubo Park so if you’re looking for a perfect morning in Osaka, drop in, grab a couple of custard buns and sit in Osaka’s perfect escape from the city. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to spend my mornings in Osaka.

Boulangerie Takeuchi is located at:

1-16-14 Utsubohonmachi, Chou-ku
Osaka, Japan.
+81 6 6444-2118


  1. Now you’ve got me all intrigued about this Boulangerie! If only I could snap my fingers and get to Osaka, I would rush in to try them out. I wonder why they are being so secretive? Anyway, thank you for the address! It might come in handy one of those days (fingers crossed)

  2. Sandra says:

    Watching interview, today December 4,2016 at NNK world /Mind TV. Love His a no Hisanori’s philosophy, and the rebirth of his business.
    I added Hisanori Takeuchi boutique bakery on my bucket-list when visiting Osaka,Japan. Thank you for the address.

  3. Dear Takeuchi

    Iam Kanchane from Sri Lanka.
    I have seen your life story in the NHK , and it was so impressed me about your courage.

    I like to have a chat with you , if you find time please contact me.

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