Border Point

Border Point

There isn’t a shortage of nice burger joints in this world. Not too long ago they sported uninspired names like ‘Dannys Burgers’ or ‘Chris’ Place’ but that all changed a few years back. Places like Huxtaburger in Melbourne changed the status quo of burgers forever. Now, if you don’t have at least 4 or 5 burgers each with healthy conscious and glamorous ingredients then you’re just behind in the times.

Border Point (3)

It seems like Sam, owner of Border Point in Fukuoka City, Japan spotted this new wave early, at least for Japan, and opened his take on it in Kyushu’s capital city in 2012.

Border Point (4)

The menu reads more like what you’re used to back home. Tandori Chicken, Philly Steak, Aoli and Pastrami just to list a few. Sam makes the burgers either half size which is about 5″ and full size which is about 10″. Prices range from ¥400 for just a half to ¥1500 for  a large set.

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On a lazy Sunday three friends and I ventured here and found ourselves ordering two half sandwiches each to try out the full menu. I’ve since learned it’s become the new haunt for them after waking up late from a Saturday night filled with debauchery.

I can’t blame them. I’d be here just to read the books, chat to Sam and enjoy the burgers.

Border Point is located at:
5-1F Daimyo, Chuo-ku
1-2-37 Selva West
Fukuoka, Japan.
+81 92 751 5333

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